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San Clemente Panel Kicks Sand On Smoking Ban. February 12, 2004. Los Angeles Times. Jean-Paul Renaud.

Stop Smoking on the Pier, Report Urges. February 6, 2004.
Surf The LookOut News. Blair Clarkson.

San Clemente Might Ban Beach Smoking. January 2004. Los Angeles Times. Jean O. Pasco.

California's San Clemente Considers Beach Smoking Ban. January 15, 2004. Join Together Online.

City officials looking at ban on smoking at the beach. January 14,2004.

City Officials Look at Ban on Smoking at the Beach. January 13, 2004. The Mercury News. Associated Press.

San Clemente might ban Beach Smoking. January 13, 2004. Join Together Online.

Group Wants No Smoking at Beaches. December 16, 2003. Daily Pilot. Deirdre Newman.

Group Wants No-Butts Beaches. December 15, 2003.

Group Wants No-Butts Beaches. December 15, 2003.

Group Want to Kick Butts Off O.C. Beaches. December 15, 2003. OCRegister. Catrine Johannsson.

The Butts Stop Here. December 5-11, 2003. OC Weekly.

Hold On To Your Butt. November 20, 2003. The Current, OC Register. Photo of Beach Clean Up.

Beaches eyed as next no-smoking sites. October 5, 2003. Bonita Daily News.

Anti-smoking campaign in search of new success. September 23, 2003. Albany (NY) Times Union. Erin Duggan.

Should smoking be banned at pier? August 22, 2003. Sun Post News. Fred Swegles.

Most parks, beaches would ban smoking under bill. May 14, 2001. The Associated Press.

No butts about it: Anti-smoking laws dirtying California beaches. June 14, 1999. Nation's Restaurant News.

Another Reason to Ban Smoking on Beaches. July 23, 1998.

Four Beaches Ban Puffing, New Beachhead in War on Smoking? May 15, 1995.

Photo Gallery

Hold on to Your Butt Huntington Beach - May 2004

Hold on to Your Butt Newport Beach - April 17 2004

Smoke-free Beaches and Piers Campaign Press Conference - April 27, 2004

Hold on to Your Butt Dana Point - March 20th 2004

Hold on to Your Butt Laguna Beach - February 21st 2004

Operation Beach Rescue - January 2004 Marina Green Park, downtown Long Beach

Hold on To Your Butt Newport Beach - November 15th 2003

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