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Smoke-free Beaches Useful Links

  • Tobacco Use Prevention Use Program (TUPP):
    County of Orange provides Free smoking cessation (quit smoking) services in the form of telephone counseling, one on one, 5-series class sessions and support groups. These services are provided throughout the County in every city. For Free Help Quitting Call 1-866-New-Lung.
  • Stop Tobacco Abuse Against Minors Pronto (STAMP)
  •, the #1 Environmental Network for a healthy living and a healthy planet.
  • Teens Kick Ash, a way for teens to fight against the tobacco industry.
  • The ButtsOUT Mission is to resolve the largest environmental litter problem in the world by eliminating cigarette butt litter.
  • CigaretteLitter.Org is an informal, non-profit organization dedicated to dramatically reducing cigarette litter across the United States. Their goal is to accomplish this task by raising public awareness of the issue and educating communities about the facts regarding cigarette litter.
  • No Butts About It Litter Campaign: Three kids started a campaign about seven years ago called No Butts About It to help rid the earth of cigarette butt litter. They have created an awareness poster with important facts that highlight the need for a change of habit.
  • Other links to Anti-tobacco websites

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